Who’s behind Be Bold.

We are a group of business consultants and trainers. Our cup of tea is business & sales development and face-to-face business communication. When working with our clients, we share our 20+ years of experience gained in corporations, startups, and our own businesses.

About Us

Having consulted manifold companies in our careers, we realized that they all crave one thing: excellent sales results. That's why we've come together to provide top-notch support and help our clients achieve the standout performance they want. Not only because we love sales and strategic thinking, but because we know it makes companies thrive. 

We believe that good sales is about selling the right products to the right people at the right time. But to achieve this goal, salespeople need to understand their customers well. Here comes Be Bold! Our consulting and trainings aim to help companies build strong relationships with their clients and maintain them in the long-term for mutual satisfaction.

Our Mission:

We help B2B companies sell better and enhance customer experience through their well-trained people.

Our Philosophy

Company success comes from its people. We put a laser focus on sales and management teams because they are the ones who hold the destiny of the company firmly in their hands. For this reason, we aim to train bold leaders who make companies stand out.
We cooperate with ambitious, growing B2B companies that are ready to work hard on their dreams. Small or medium-sized, startups… It does not matter. We care about their enthusiasm, motivation and willingness to develop themselves.


Our Core Team

B!B Strategist
“Helping you do hard business in a smooth way.”

Business and sales strategist, consultant and certified coach. Well-versed in B2B sales and marketing, management and company analysis. Believes that the way you work with your mind influences your business outcomes. Focuses on developing people's soft skills while respecting the importance of hard skills and clear business results. Curious, open-minded and empathetic in listening to clients’ needs rather than applying sales patterns. Aesthete who loves using creativity and imagination in work.

B!B Mindhacker
“Helping you set your mind to achieve desired goals.”

Psychologist, trainer, and Master of Neuro-linguistic programming. Helps people unlock great potential through their mind and thoughts. Works with people to adopt an achiever’s mindset, boost their self-confidence, build motivation and improve communication skills. Head over heels with mind hacking and relaxation techniques. Avid reader, traveler, and nature lover.

B!B Image Maker
“Helping your business behavior impress your clients.”

Coach, trainer, and management consultant. Revealing the beauty and importance of business etiquette, branding and company culture. Travels, lectures and learns.

B!B Storyteller
“Helping you magnetize your audience.”

Communications strategist, speaker and trainer. Experienced in the corporate arena with roles in marketing, sales and communication. Has lived and worked in five countries across Europe and Asia. Works with hundreds of individual and corporate clients and government agencies. Prepares senior executives for their international meetings and conventions so that they can deliver their message with power in order to get people’s buy-in and inspire action. Acts as a mentor for startups helping them design and deliver winning business pitches. Most recently, she’s been working on women empowerment, helping female managers build self-confidence, find their voice and lead their authentic way.